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Tree &  Palm Solutions

A note on the services we provide. We have many tools and a great deal of experience and knowledge at our disposal and there are many things we can do to save a tree or correct various conditions, but just because we can it does not mean we should. While we do value trees, there is an understanding that some trees can not or should not be saved nor treated. A tree is more than an aesthetic ornament in the landscape, it has significant environmental impact, and provides food and shelter for a host of animals. Our approach to the management of trees embraces a very broad range of elements, and we apply this knowledge to each tree we evaluate. 
Areas of Service: Tree Care, Tree Health Assessments, Preservation and Conservation, Air Spade, Tree Injections, Root Remediation, Tree Inventories, Root Zone Mapping, Root Barrier Systems, Planting and Transplanting, Lightning Protection, Pruning, Stump Removal, Site Planning and Supervision, Palm Care, Palm Pruning, Palm Injections, White Fly Inoculations, Nutrient Inoculations,  Lethal Yellowing Inoculations, Organic Services , Landscape Services, and much more...

Spiral WhiteFly Control: 

  A variety of trees & palms  

  throughout coastal regions of

  FL. are susceptible to the Spiral

  White Fly. In some cases, extreme

  damage is caused; resulting in full

  canopy defoliation, frond wilt &

  discoloration to complete failure.

  We have methods of control that will

  effectively manage & revitalize

  your trees & palms

Insight to our approach... 

- Soil Decompaction & Amendment Process:

Utilization of a non invasive Air-Spade enables us to effectively mitigate compacted soils within the root zone of a tree. Amendments may be added to effect change in the soil profile and microbial organism content. This process is effective on trees and palms. In turn we are providing an optimal environment to deliver essential elements to the root zone on the tree.     

- Root Zone Mapping:

This is an essential practice when considering the impact on tree roots prior to construction. The overall process identifies areas of roots which may be impacted due to construction. Through identification of affected roots, proper root pruning can occur, along with any necessary soil amendments to alleviate unnecessary stresses. 

- Tree Inventories:

A tree inventory is proven to be a valuable tool for property management entities. By identify tree populations, species and conditions, the end user is better able to budget the long term cost of tree management. This tool also aids in identification of invasive species. 

- Tree health assessments:

Having the knowledge of a tree(s) health is vital to identifying management plans that address the needs of urban trees. Identification of insects and diseases along with their respective casual agents enables long term survival of trees. Assessment of the structure and canopy of a tree identifies the need for pruning, and specifically structural pruning. Cutting off limbs does not fall into the category of proper tree pruning. Trees are long lived organisms and as such pruning of limbs has long term impact on the health of the tree.

- Tree & Palm Injections:

This is an increasingly valuable tool to combat specific pests and diseases of plants. In areas where foliar spray or soil drench is not a viable option, injecting scientifically engineered materials directly into the trunk of a tree or palm represent the only option. In the case of Lethal Yellowing or Texas Phoenix Palm Decline, systemic injections remain the primary method of preventative treatment. Spiral white fly is a major pest in our area, and injection is a valid method to combat this destructive pest. 


- Tree & Palm Moving:

We have the ability and experience to successfully relocate large trees and palms. Understanding of how root zones developed ensures the greatest probability of success. Site preparation, is key to determine suitability of a transplanted tree.

Landscape Design & Installation:

Right plant , right location.  Many landscapes fail due to poor planning. We design and install landscapes to succeed. Our scope of work includes complete landscape installation, to landscape renovation to planting a single tree, and we approach each one with the same degree of professionalism. Every landscape is unique, not just the plant selection, but the topography, the drainage, soil profile, and even the presence of micro-climates all factor into plant selection. We have the ability to bring to projects the services of a Landscape Architect. 

Specialized Tree Care:
Within the realm of tree care, there are occasions, when unique procedures are required to address tree specific issues. The installation of Support Cables, and Through Rods is an acceptable solution to address structural weakness within the canopy of a tree. These mechanical devices do not draw limbs together, rather, they reduce the stress on a point of attachment. Placement of such devices must be done in accordance with industry standards. Another mechanical devices used within arboriculture is the Lightning Protection System. In areas where lightning is a known factor, it is possible to install a lightning protection system. This may be relevant in the case of high value trees, or the proximity to exposed structures.