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​Not all dirt is created equal, especially here in Florida. We have experienced, and will continue to experience, incredible population growth and development, resulting in changes to hydrology and soil profiles. With this growth, soil is brought in from far and wide to accommodate the construction of new homes, and commerce areas. These changes bring about multiple stresses that impact existing and transplanted trees. The health of all trees begins below ground, and these drastic changes in hydrology and soil profile are not conducive to the optimal health of trees. 

​These urban induced changes manifest themselves through poor growth and can translate into total tree failure.  The diverse soil brought into a new site is typically compacted to enable construction. This compaction creates changes in hydrology which impacts all trees by inhibiting water availability and also limits the ability of essential microbial organisms to survive. Trees are dependent upon these microbial organisms for the assimilation of nutrients. Unfortunately, we take for granted a tree's ability to grow in any soil. Nothing could be further from the truth. Trees, like any other living organism, require certain conditions to thrive. Identification of the lacking elements or problematic scenarios is essential to providing solutions. All too often we see a tree failing and wonder why, the tree began declining long before we see the ultimate result of failure.

Studies indicate the average lifespan of an urban tree to be about 13 years. This is unacceptable. We strive to remain current on all aspects of research; arming ourselves with the tools and knowledge to bring forth change to every urban landscape. This is a passion we are committed to and want to deliver that passion and knowledge to each and every tree we can.  ​ 

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