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  It has evolved through science &  

  harnesses core skills of our team.

  We employ top-tier arboristes, call

  on scientific extensions & propel

  our problem solving & identification 

  avenues of resolution through the

  nations leading universities who

  support our work.

   It is quite simple to tell we care

   about what we do.

Our solution driven process...

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DNA Tree arboricultural solutions acknowledges the plethora of service providers within the urban tree and palm care industry; including the quality range of work provided. Consequently, we made a commitment to be active stewards of the urban environment through our educated approach to formulating preventative and solution based services. Daily, we focus on delivering ethically driven initiatives for our clients that elevate the health and appearance of their personal urban landscape by identifying its needs in which we hold ourselves accountable for. When observing the overall scheme of the industry, it's quite evident that we are positioned above the rest of the industry participants. 

​​We believe the only way for potential clients to truly know us is to gain a full understanding of what really goes into all our evaluations and what to expect from the onset of a working relationship. As every collateral tree and palm service promises to provide a review of your landscape, your trees, and your palms. Our approach is based on experience, continual education, and we do evaluate a site for a multitude of factors, inclusive of topography, changes in hydrology, grade changes, soil types, drainage, surrounding plant material, age of landscape, species diversity, and how it all ties together. When we evaluate a landscape, we begin with the premise we are dealing with a man made situation, because we understand how trees and palms exist in nature, our approach is tempered with the limitations associated with the urban landscape. 
Areas of Service: Tree Care, Tree Health Assessments, Preservation and Conservation, Air Spade, Tree Injections, Root Remediation, Tree Inventories, Root Zone Mapping, Root Barrier Systems, Planting and Transplanting, Lightning Protection, Pruning, Stump Removal, Site Planning and Supervision, Palm Care, Palm Pruning, Palm Injections, WhiteFly Inoculations, Nutrient Inoculations,  Lethal Yellowing Inoculations, Organic Services , Landscape Services, and much more...
Due to the dichotomy of factors within the urban landscape and how these plants grow in nature, it is incumbent upon us to have the knowledge to deal with any given situation. As the urban landscape fluctuates with the incorporation of new plants, new pests, new diseases, we strive to remain current on all these elements in order to properly address each new challenge. Our goal of encouraging a healthy, supportive, vigorous urban landscape depends upon our ability to continually educate ourselves, train our technicians, and ensure this philosophy is ongoing. At the end of the day, we must do the right thing for the landscape.​

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